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SALAMANDER BluEvolution 73


Our bluEvolution 73 PVC window and door systems are created to perfectly suit your sophisticated design requirements. The compact and easy-to-maintain profile guarantees a long service life and reliability. This technical solution prevents the formation of thermal bridges, significantly reducing energy costs.

With a construction depth of 73 mm from inside to outside and advanced 5 air chamber technology, these profiles ensure excellent thermal insulation. Precision-welded EPDM gaskets at the corners provide reliable protection against harsh weather conditions.

Designed with our Salamander bluEvolution 73 system, these windows and doors are an ideal choice for modern design. They not only offer superior thermal and acoustic protection, but also stability and operational safety thanks to the solid structure and large steel inserts.

  • Overall, the Salamander bluEvolution 73 profile is a high-performance uPVC window and door profile system that offers excellent energy efficiency, sound insulation, security, durability, and aesthetics. It is an ideal choice for modern construction projects and can help to improve the overall comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of a building.
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