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WDS 7 windows

WDS 7 series windows

Windows and doors from the WDS 7 SERIES profile system are certified by the German Institute IFT ROSSENHEIM. Energy efficiency and thermal insulation are the basis of the development of the WDS Series 7 system. We managed to create a perfect design for keeping heat and comfort in the house. Since the WDS Series 7 system is designed according to the formula 70 40 6, with a new window of this type you will get the highest level of thermal insulation and frost protection.

WDS 7 series characteristics:

1. Profile with 6 air chambers, with a mounting width of 70 mm - is a unique offer on the window market. The perfect combination of features for energy efficient solutions.

2. The 6-chamber profile provides a high level of thermal insulation to reduce energy consumption throughout the year.

3. Possibility of installing the Low-e double glazed window. The insulating glass can be with a single air chamber or with two air chambers with glasses with a high thermal coefficient (low-e).

4. Improved drainage system for easy cleaning, thanks to the drain slope with an angle of 2°.

5. Increased resistance to air currents, due to the 17 mm width on the joint line.

6. The profile with the interior and exterior design complements excellently through the casement capabilities. The casing film repeats the wood texture or shades in the Hi-Tech style

Opening options:

  • Window without opening;
  • Double opening window;
  • Sliding;
  • Balcony unit;
  • Locking door with key;
  • Opening the door to the outside.

Only with us you have the opportunity to purchase the WDS 7 series windows at the best price!

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