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WDS 8 windows

WDS 8 series windows

WDS 8 series designed for superior thermal insulation and home comfort

The windows and doors from the WDS 8 SERIES profile systems ensure excellent thermal insulation for your home, at any time of the year and outside noise will not disturb you and are certified by the German Institute IFT ROSSENHEIM. The WDS 8 SERIES system was designed primarily for energy conservation. WDS 8 SERIES windows retain 2.5 times more heat than standard three-chamber profile windows, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. - to put a picture of a child sleeping by the window.

WDS 8 series characteristics :

1. Energy efficiency is 2.5 times higher

Compared to the three-chamber profile plastic window with standard completion.

2. Soundproofing efficiency due to: the seal of the third additional seal.

The thickness of the insulating glass is 44 mm.

Increased installation depth which is 82 mm.

3. The absence of fogging of the window due to:

Lowering the cold zone of the insulating glass by 3 mm. Use of 44 mm thermal glass.

4. Convenience and comfort in operation due to:

The glossy surface, which offers easy care, especially improved in the gasket configuration

which facilitates closing the window.

5. Aesthetic appearance and a modern design:

With modern rounded shapes it will give the interior an elegant and modern look. Profile window

WDS 8 SERIES profile window has a distinctive appearance that adds a signature touch to any interior.

6. Reliability and durability and profile geometry and reinforced reinforcement ensure the window

from the WDS 8 SERIES with a large margin of safety for a long period of operation.

Opening options:

- Non – opening window;

- Double opening window;

- Sliding;

- Balcony unit.

Only with us you have the opportunity to purchase the WDS 8 series windows at the best price!

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